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Content designed to portray NZ Tourism at its finest.

A Competition designed to engage and Inspire our collective audience

to share their NZ travel stories and/ or their artistic talents 

 The GS Travel Tote - Design & Future/ Potential Clients examples.

NZ based Artists will submit their work as an entry to the competition that will feature on either the GS Travel Tote or a Good Shirt Tee.

Artwork submissions to follow the broad theme of travel in their chosen medium.

 Good Shirt Tee examples  #WearYourAdventures

We're updating the content posted on this page regularly, so please check back to review the content as listed below and more ....


> The layout for the competition / platform specific website.  ✅    

> Examples of entries for each of the 3 tiers in this competition. ✅

   (The 3rd tier entry is simply a social media share and is not shown here)  

> Still image/ video assets designed specifically for the promotion of this

   competition through direct mail, social media ...

   (The graphic design/ video edits will be completed once all supporters and their respective

      prizes have been finalised.)

> Terms & Conditions for the competition

> Prizes for the competition

> Additional video assets produced for this competition including videos

   that feature ; NZ's stunning scenery, the design, functionality & 

   eco-cred of the GS/ ALBOA "Travel Tote" a new multi-functional tote

   bag which will be launched in conjunction with this competition. 

Example of a Webpage on the Website dedicated to this Competition.

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