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The fabric used in Good Shirts has the look and feel of a luxe cotton single jersey, though is actually an RPET polyester single jersey which is made by incorporating recycled PET plastic, with both Dri-Cool & Antimicrobial performance functions and is a bluesign® approved fabric produced by a bluesign® approved textile mill.


In a world addicted to plastic it is not as easy as you might imagine to find a non plastic substitute that handles the rigours of international post/ courier. 

The design brief required our packaging be ; 

  • Sustainable & Recyclable/ Compostable.

  • One piece of packaging that will carry the product from the manufacturer to the end buyer.  

  • A packaging design that can be used for both online sales and in a retail environment.

By looking back at what was used pre-plastic you would think I was going prehistoric given the lack of available suppliers even if we are just reinventing ideas from days of gone by

Anyhoo we love carving fresh tracks, just another part of the journey.   

So there you go from us to you in a totally renewable envelope.

Simple Solutions Rock!!